5 minutes with Labériane Ponton from The Blab blog: "what would be fashion without Paris?"

Labériane Ponton, who runs “The Blab“, is a daily source of inspiration for anyone who wants to get more clues on Parisian identity. Because Paris is not this old lady, dying of its ancient traditions. Paris is open to newcomers, new producers of its own energy, who will reinvent dungeons, forgotten inheritances and Maisons. Labériane is an exigent fashion explorer. You’re gonna love her.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started my blog almost 3 years ago. But at first it was a blog of daily inspiration around illustration, graphic design and photography. I needed it for school and to share my own projects. I never thought I would post daily outfits or put my face on the blog. But I tried once and people loved it so I’ve kept on sharing my outfits, new stuff and things I love.

Paris and fashion: what does it mean to you?

I wasn’t born in Paris but I always wanted to live here. Why? Because I love fashion since my childhood. I’m attracted to fashion so I’m attracted to Paris. It’s impossible for me to separate those two words. I mean, what would be Paris without fashion ? And what would be fashion without Paris ? I feel good in Paris. It’s a trending and chic city. And Paris Fashion Week is a big event, you have to be here if you love fashion!

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?

I love fashion but there is a lot of other things which could change the world, don’t you think?

What are the blogs you like to read?

It’s weird but I’m not a big fan of French fashion blogs. Except Betty from Le Blog de Betty who is very successfull around the world. She is very cute. I love bloggers from Sweden like Elin Kling (well, she lives in NYC now), or Blame It On Fashion. I follow Columbine Smile, from England. I also read Camille Over The Rainbow, who is a friend of mine.  In Australia, I like Garry Pepper Vintage, Tuula, Oracle Fox…).

If we want to understand French fashion, what are your tips & tricks?

Actually, the style in France is quite simple. I love sneakers, it’s comfortable. You can wear sneakers every day if you want but with a lovely knit or earrings not with a track pants and sweater. And I love wearing track pants with pointed heels!
If you have no any idea on how to avoid the fashion faux-pas,  pick a black outfit. It always works ! And the big rule is: no more than 3 colors.


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