April Cover Girl: we are women

We’ve been shooting “cover girls” for two years now. We wanted to show girls and women from any social status, any origin. The only leitmotiv is that they need to have a story to tell. And it’s also been 2 years now that we try to keep on talking about fashion and society as we think that cultures shape trends.

We needed to reinvent the borders, the limits.

A community is created through inspirations we share. It’s no longer about gender, job, religion only. We need to consider fashion as pervasive gateways to the next ideas, from a reference to an other illustration. Echoes of cultures sometimes conflictual, sometimes complementary. We did not want to “marry” 2 women or 2 men this month, as so many of the magazines we like and read did. We wanted to marry 2 very diverse identities: ours.

© Ghislain Mirat

We’re already the woman next door. And we won’t actually try to define our manhood in another way.

© Flavie Trichet Lespagnol

Looks: VQ – Total look A.P.C. : hat, tee-shirt, jacket, jean, shoes.

Looks: Lilzeon – jacket TOPMAN, sweat Newlook, jean ASOS, jacket Levi’s, shoes Supra.

Thank you Ghislain Mirat & FTL+

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