Nike Home Turf Pack: AlunaGeorge, WU YUE and Jacopo Ceccarelli reinventing Nike Air Max for its birthday

This is massive. As Nike Air Max is turning 25,  Nike introduces a series of stories of reinvention from London, Paris and Milan.

The creative idea is very interesting: AlunaGeorge, WU YUE and Jacopo Ceccarelli took some cues from each city’s architecture & streetstyle to reinterpret with their own talents the famous Nike Air Max.

We especially love AluneGeorge’s version: as Aluna says, “While living in the suburbs I was the odd one out. In London I found out who I am, who I want to be, and how to make it happen, because this is a make or break city. If I hadn’t moved to London I probably wouldn’t be making music in the same way… or at all. You need the kind of environment that’s conducive for writing”. Their Nike Air Max is a mash-up of matte and shine, in reference to the grit of luxury meeting the daily bread of people in transports. London is a tough and bright city; and being able to transform a positive energy into a Nike Air Max model is a big performance.


It’s true that a lot of adulescents (you know, this fusion of the French word “adolescent”, meaning teenager, with “adult”) have a deep story with Nike Air Max. I remember chasing a classic pair in Palm Springs, California. A white and blue. Because they were a symbol of my journey in America. White, blue; taking the sand and my thoughts, my on-going memories and keeping a footprint of my energy.

I miss this pair, left behind me when I then moved from Greece.

There’s authenticity in this Home Turf Pack. Happy birthday Nike Air Max.


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