Heidi Cox from Fetch Dog Fashions: "I can go a little over the top and people love it"

When we first discovered Fetch Dogs Fashions, a brilliant project based in New Jersey, we suddenly started to see DOGS everywhere: in London, there are advertising about our lovely puppies everywhere: on double-deck buses, in newspapers. Gardens and parks are inhabited by nice dogs and pet lovers. And even more crazy: my office is just in front of a vet practice (the one where Alexander McQueen used to bring his dog). I wanted to know more about this rising phenomenon for dogs fashion. And Heidi Cox knows pretty well her business, you’re lucky readers.
Bodhi from Menswear Dog blog, Harvey Nichols and their new breed: dogs have never been THAT popular in fashion: how do you explain that?  
People are used to seeing cute small dogs wearing cute clothing or being carried around.  Everyone still loves these little dogs but the use of bigger dogs by Harvey Nichols & Menswear Dog blog dog Bodhi is fresh & new… it catches peoples attention because they are not used to seeing it.  Fashion is always evolving and it makes sense that something so popular as small dog fashion expand to larger dogs.  I think its a genius campaign by Harvey Nichols… the bigger dog catches peoples attention.  My star model is a 25 lb Boston Terrier Lucy.  Often people use 3-5 lb dogs as clothing models but Lucy looks great in everything!   I couldn’t resist hiring her.  I am surprised by the number of requests & inquiries I have had large dog outfits even bigger than Lucy.  I recently added Tutus & Bow Ties for dogs up to 125 lbs and I plan to add more large dog items.
 A lot of detractors say that designing clothes for dogs whereas human beings die in some countries because they don’t have access to safe drinking water is absurd: what do you answer to that?
Everyone has different things that are important to them based on what they have been through in their live.  I am passionate about fashion & I love dogs.  It only makes sense for me to do something I love.  And having a my own company has allowed me to make donations to non-profit organizations that help people and help dogs.
My vision for Fetch Dog Fashions is not only to create adorable dog fashion but also to connect with a community of people who also love dogs.  I have started a blog to bring people together to share tips and advice as “dog parents”…everything from training tips to where to find organic dog treats or how to select the right breed for someone looking to bring a dog into their family and other topics that are important to dog lovers.
There will always be critics in life but I have to do what makes me happy and in return I hope to spread happiness to others.
How do you design a collection for dogs?
When I add new products or new collections to my dog clothing line I take inspiration from many places.  I think most designers do.  I wear a lot of neon & animal prints so I naturally gravitated towards including neon & animal prints in my line.  The other thing that is really fun about designing for dog clothing is that I can go a little over the top and people love it:  sequins, ribbons, lace, polka dots, ruffles, faux fur, witty prints, etc the more the better!  Since I am passionate about it, my mind is constantly going 1000 miles a minute with new design ideas.  I have more design ideas than I have time to create.  Sometimes its hard to stop thinking about what to do next because I love what I do.
Where can we follow you?
People can follow me on:
-Website & blog:  www.fetchdogfashions.com
Theres also more about the story of how I started Fetch Dog Fashions on my website:  http://fetchdogfashions.com/pages/about-us
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