5 minutes with Vicky Perperidou from Fashion Railways

Vicky Perperidou blogs on Fashion Railways. Born & raised in Greece, Vicky gives us some clues on the local scene. And when a student in philology talks about fashion, you can guess you’re going to get some great insights 🙂

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging a year ago for two reasons. Firstly, I felt that I wanted to express my style and share my fashion tips with other bloggers and learn from them new things about fashion industry. Secondly, I understood that my dream job is something related to fashion. So I am now professional blogger and fashion author in a Greek magazine and alongside I am currently studying German Philology in Aristotle University.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I totally agree with that phrase because I think that fashion is an attitude to life. This attitude, has to do with creativity , fantasy and positive thinking. If everyone had the creativity and care for others to be pretty and feel happy with themselves, like a fashion designer does, everyone could change the world by himself. Moreover Fashion industry offers a great amount of money in the world economy. By investing a company in poor areas in order to build an appendix company and working with poor locals or unemployed but gifted people you could change many things. Fashion could also contribute to the environment, with recycled clothing or second hand in order to support the ecology thinking and environmental conditions.

Can you define a fashion identity in Greece?

This is a really difficult question. I believe that here in Greece everybody has his own style. There are many girls that love being glamorous and posh and others that love bohemian or rock style. In the streets of every different city you can find another style but I think that in bigger cities, girls try more to be fashionable

The economic crisis is really deep in Greece: how fashion adapts to this context?

I think that Fashion still exists in every woman’s thoughts. Every Greek woman used to spend a great amount of money in clothing or shoes but now she must spend less. That’s what I observe, we still buy fashion products but cheaper than what we were buying before economic crisis. Moreover there are many new stores that sell vintage or second hand clothes and they are selling like hot cakes because they are not only cheap but also have great quality.

What are your sources of inspirations?

I often read other fashion blogs and fashion magazines and generally they are my basic sources of inspiration. I think that fashion bloggers share great tips and nice outfits. Magazines like VOGUE are in my daily routine and I think that you can understand the reason 🙂

What are the Greek blogs you follow?



What can we wish you?

I think that first of all comes health !!
A great career in fashion industry would be an amazing wish though 🙂


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