What is luxury?

Funny enough: I’m one of these “target audiences” which don’t feel very engaged by current luxury brands.

It might appear provocative, but what you experience at Topshop is very often far better than what you get at Burberry, seriously.

Luxury brands seem sometimes austere. They scare me, not because I don’t have enough money, but because I’m simply not attracted by the pictures they send to me.

So what are we now waiting from a luxury brand?

First, maybe disconnection. I want to forget where I was walking the minute before entering a premium shop. I don’t want to consider it as a random journey on Regent’s Street. I want to feel that I’m entering a new world.

I also want education; except if you’re 50 and that you’ve traveled all around the world, you don’t have all the clues to properly understand the quality of a product. At the moment, not so many salesmen know how to teach you something about their products; we want less hairspray and more contents.

Even if it’s not the hype, I don’t want to be gathered with millions of people to attend the same catwalk online. I want to be attended with a very tiny group of people. Not the entire world.

I now tend to try to discover small boutiques, out of the famous avenues, chatting with real craftsmen, who take the time to tell us why a product is premium.

Give us some dream.

And for you: what is luxury?

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