Sewing: the coolest thing to do

Yes. You read it well: sewing is “one of the hottest trends of the season“, according to the very serious Financial Times.

“There is growing demand for individually crafted clothes, and young people are increasingly interested in making them,” says Celia Joicey, head of the Fashion and Textile Museum.

And it’s true that as entrepreneurship is now the more sought path for business school students in Europe (far beyond finance!), this come back of “real life” find new variations among a broad audience.

DIY blogs have never stopped their crazy pace, TV shows celebrate home design, and start to involve a lot of new talents, like Nail Artists for example. Fashion Star, led by Elle MacPherson, the real show in which “the contestants are given a challenge to design clothing with a certain look, feel and function” must convince Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Express buyers, is starting its second season.

Funny enough, if you had told me 10 years ago that sewing was going to be cool, I would have looked at you and answered “Come On: what about progress? what about digital?”. Today, men are also taking lectures to learn how to sew; digital and social media make this sort of activities always more tangible, connecting. involving. Sewing is at the crossroad of so many cultural clusters: fashion of course, but also music, feminism, sustainable development.

It’s time to reinvent again what was considered as “old-fashioned”. It’s not recycling old ideas: it’s actually using the tools we now have to fill our needs and daily dreams.

A cool time, actually

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