May Cover Girl: Korin Avraham

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We had a chance to finally meet Korin Avraham in London, on a sunny morning. Energetic, determined, Korin is one of the very first Israeli bloggers to reach a certain notoriety abroad. In her bag, she brought so many amazing outfits: prints, local designers, vintage, but also Dr Martens (the crazy pink shoes on the photo below). She’s our cover girl of the month.

 You’re one of the very first Israeli fashion bloggers to export your style abroad: how would you define it?

I live by one simple rule when it comes to fashion: never take yourself too seriously! My wardrobe contains all kind of outfits, vintage, classic, simple and elegant, bright colors, crazy prints and lots of accessories.
I never plan what to wear, I wake up in the morning in a certain mood and try to find an outfit to express my feelings.
Just as I don’t have boundaries with my style, I found myself develop a desire to enrich people who love fashion wherever they may be, and so that’s why I started to post in English, and built up a community from various corners of the world. I also lived in NYC for a while and worked in the fashion industry and was known as the ‘Israeli fashionista’ there.

You used to be a lawyer: how did you decide to dedicate yourself to fashion blogging?

I still work part time as a lawyer (and always dress up when i go to court). However blogging is not work for me as I love doing it and it feels so neutral.

What are your favorite brands?

My favorite designers are Moschino and Chanel but I love pieces which are made with love and creativity even if its not a known brand.

Israeli brands we should discover?

Inbal Dror for wedding dresses, Alon Livne, Yosef, Tamar Primak, Tami Bar Lev, Dorit Bar Or.

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  4. In love with the long black and white skirt!
    Rose & Pose Highstreet Fashion

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