New brand to watch: ACIQ.

We’ve spotted a very interesting news this morning, as Aciq the new womenswear brand from Jessica Chatterton, Yoona Kim and Nickque Patterson has just been released. Their debut collection called The End of the Beginning, is made of androgynous pieces made of wool and cashmere with stand out leather detailing.

The fashion statement is powerful:

ACIQ is core androgynous label and movement transcending the characteristics associated with man and woman. In a modern world these traits have progressively become blurred, this is something to be celebrated, an emancipation of man- kind. With a structured fluidity ACIQ garments exploit the extremes of both sexes capturing the residue of silence left between the stereotypes of “man” and “woman“.

Instead of focusing on a gender issue or a “cyborg”, the brand aims to celebrate a new sort of mankind. A powerful – and daring – positioning that we can’t wait to discover.

Aciq inspiration

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