My fashion declaration of love to women living in London

We had this conversation last night with a French friend, who’s in charge of a top fashion e-commerce platform. And yes, we had this crazy feeling: French women, if celebrated all over the world for their *style* are actually totally frustrated.

Look at any survey: they’re going to tell you they love this flower dress, this pink jumper, this crazy pant etc. But when it comes to buying: Parisian girls buy black shoes, black jackets, black jumpers, black dresses. How come?

Because they are scared.

Because they don’t dare anymore.

Because they think that if they’re too sexy, well, they’re no longer this stereotypical inaccessible woman.

Sounds cliché? It is. But if you go to any Parisian party, it’s pretty rare when a Paris-born fashionista dares to talk to you.

That’s why I so much love London scene.

Girls have weapons. Girls dare to wear whatever they want, whatever they like, and don’t give a  s*** what men or mates think. They develop their own styles, their own malice, their own attitude. Yeah, it’s a risky business: you know the reputation of Essex girls…

But at least, they tried something.

British women should be an inspiration for French women: because taste without audacity is just a missed opportunity.

London women: I fashionably love you.

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