Rentez-Vous: a Peer-to-Peer and designers concept that allows girls to get new clothes easily

When it comes to fashion, we sometimes have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. Amazing dilemma of the modern consumer. What if we could always get new clothes without being ruined and at the same time get money from our wardrobe?  And actually, as Fiona Disegni, the founder of Rentez-Vous, tells us: “You East London people are lucky: you have a Rentez-Vous“. On Thursday, 30th, at the Old Shoreditch Station, you’re going to be able to “play” with this innovative concept. Thuy Pham or Charis had the chance to attend a secret Rentez-Vous few days ago and we can expect that this initiative is going to skyrocket in the coming months. Let’s have a chat with Fiona.

What is Rentez Vous Fiona?

Rentez-Vous is a Peer-to-Peer and designers concept that allows girls to get new clothes easily without being ruined and get money from their wardrobes. Being in Paris and London, our goal is to connect people through their clothes and give them access to unique connections and experiences.

If fashionistas want to join you, how can they do?

They must come to our Rentez-Vous! Next one will be on May, 30th at Old Shoreditch Station, East London. Save the date and book your seat: it’s going to be huge.

Do you think fashion & collaborative economics are a perfect mash-up?

Fashion and Collaborative consumption have the same essence. Fashion is collaborative at its core, as it’s the exchange of creativity that makes it alive. Fashion is made by people, it’s the mirror of common inspirations and visions. Through Rentez-Vous, our goal is to refresh its collaborative identity by making it accessible and shareable.

What can we wish you?

A great start in London and some Rentez-Vous everywhere in the world!

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