Géraldine Dormoy: "I have « dude » days, and « woman » ones"

Hey everyone! I’m Lionel, blogger from The Trendy Trooper, and it’s with a great pleasure that I join the Hit Bag team! From now on, I’ll keep a column to introduce you, dear readers, to some of the top fashion influencers in a very specific way. We’ll sneak around their closets, their bags and their fashion habits. Tell me what you wear, I’ll we tell you who you are!

Today, meet Geraldine Dormoy and her androgynous closet. Editor at l’Express Styles, she also shares her fashion knowledge on her blog Cafe Mode.

 Hello Geraldine! Garance Doré and Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) confess that they often borrow men’s stuff. Razors, moisturizers, shirts, perfumes and watches, nothing’s left out. What about you ? Do you let your hands wander around ?

Absolutely ! Mark, my husband, is shorter than me, so I can’t pinch his trousers, but apart from that, I borrow everything from him : shirts, coats, blazers, scarves, belts… I can’t help it, I think he’s got perfect taste ! Plus, our clothes are stored in the same place, some sort of box room we like to call our dressing. We both have our half of the room…. When I have run out of things to wear, I automatically cast my greedy glance on the hanging rail on the other side…

Do you own any men’s clothes ?

Actually, I’m a bit of a schizo. Half of my wardrobe is man-ish, the other half is composed of dresses, heels… I have « dude » days, and « woman » ones. In the men’s corner, I collect derbies, blazers, V-neck cashmere sweaters and men’s shirts. I like how practical those never-out-of-fashion and well-cut pieces of clothing are.

Are you especially attached to one particular piece ? If so, what’s its story?

I would say my first pair of Church’s, navy blue summer Burdwoods. I bought them in Milan, during my very first fashion week…in other words, it’s been a while ! They cost a pretty penny but I still wear them. I love their design, the fact that the size and model number are written by hand, with a felt pen, on the inside leather. They age gracefully and they are an easy match : my smartest investment up to now. Too bad that the brand isn’t more creative, I would more easily fall for its other pieces.

Do you think men’s fashion seeks to be more androgynous today ? Are we heading towards a more mixed wardrobe ?

It will be definitely mixed the day when guys wear skirts and no one is shocked, not before. Us girls are lucky enough to dispose of two wardrobes, ever since Saint-Laurent made trousers available for everyone.

We’ve been toying with androgyny for quite a while, now. Unfortunately, it still is quite complicated for men. They still have a long way to go to finally be comfortable with their feminine side.

Has a recent men’s collection particularly caught your attention ?

I haven’t seen it for real, but I really liked the pictures of the 2012 F/W J.Crew’s collection, especially the Fair Isle sweaters. I can’t wait for this brand to finally land in Europe (a shop has been announced to open in London soon).

According to you, what’s the masculine piece of clothing a woman must absolutely have ?

A shirt. They are always better cut than the ones for women.

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