Canon wants to bring power to your next step (and why it's interesting for fashion lovers)

Canon has just revealed a new EMEA campaign; we like the core message of the ads: it’s not about taking pictures, it’s about MAKING them.

With Instagram, it’s true that we may have lost sometimes the required work to set up a really good picture. It’s obviously not only about a great smile, a great outfit and a great filter. It’s about producing this right moment with the right people.

When it comes to fashion, we realize that it’s more and more complicated to find ads that really impress us. There’s a culture of laziness also in our industry, and it’s always good that a brand like Canon, probably one of the most important ones for all the people working on art direction, visual culture, design, tells us that the MAKING is important.

This campaign involved three shoots in 12 different locations. 63 Canon cameras and 27 EF lenses to capture the shots to demonstrate the “breath and versatility” of the Canon product range.

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