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German fashion scene is not very often discussed in style media, whether you’re in London, NYC, Milan or Paris. The thing is that there’s an interesting crowd in Munich; Germany has a strong heritage, strong inspirations. We had a chance to ask some questions to Vanessa from Pure Fashion TV.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started about 2 years ago with my blog I initially wanted to put my vacation photos online for friends and family. As more and more people interested in my blog, as well as my clothing style, I have taken my blog more seriously. I blog about my travels and continue to write about my personal fashion style. In the meantime I have two other blogs – one around my travels called and one for my fashion style and beauty products It is always a surprise for me, how many interesting networks and relationships started, because of my blogging history.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

I do not think that fashion can really have so much power, but I like the social responsibility of some fashion labels. For me, fashion is always also a kind of art – a way to express yourself and to show, how you want to be seen. I would rather say, fashion can change YOUR own world. The people around you realize you in a different way, if you’re dressed comfortable and sporty or in an elegant way.

Can you define a fashion identity in German?

When I look at the people around me me in Munich, I must confess that I have the feeling that most people do not worry too much about their appearance. Simple, convenient and unobtrusive. Styling only for Oktoberfest and a few limited events 🙂 In the blogosphere, however, I would say there are many similar blogs whose style I would describe as easy and fast. There are only a few who prefer an elegant feminine style clothing every day.

What are your sources of inspirations?

Some say I would remind them of Dita Von Teese. I love her feminine style. In fashion magazines, I find it often difficult to find inspiration, as the elegant modern style comes to gala events only – but less for everyday life. I like self-confident and proud women like Angelina Jolie. I like to see on my trips the style of women in foreign countries and learn from them and get new inspirations for my personal style.

What are the German blogs you follow?

I like to follow countless small blogs. Even if the photos are not professional or the blog launched just a few months ago, it’s fun to experience the real people behind the blogs and to get the honest recommendations and advice. Unfortunately, Germany is still a very jealous society and this is also in a few parts of the blogosphere. Compared to networks outside Germany for bloggers, it is much easier, to have long and honest relationships with bloggers outside Germany 🙂

What are the German fashion brands your recommend?

I like products from Hugo Boss, the elegant collection, but also the casual collection. The fashion label is exactly my style. The quality does not disappoint me up. Otherwise, I have to already rather turn to other countries. But I am not “label orientated”, it can happen that I buy a dress by an independent designer in Bangkok, Thailand or a wonderful skirt in Singapore, if I like it and it is my elegant and feminine style.

What can we wish you?

Health and many interesting locations and places of the world, for new friendships and fashion inspirations.

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