Why fashion needs poetry (and why poetry now needs fashion)

There are pains, people in dismiss, people running away and people trying to get into.

There are wars, some vain, some right; but can wars really act with discernment?

Among these liquid dreams and nightmares, there are words, you, me, in the wagon. There are our pens and our tunes; our bags full of what we’ll get from where we go; our cameras which can never fully satisfy our memory cards.

But our souls.

There are colors and dresses; and your dress that you wore this special day.

Fashion needs poetry; rare are the bloggers who achieve the body & mind reconciliation.

But we need this escape in fashion; fashion is not about push newsletters nor sales. It’s not about actually buying but accessing “something”. In fashion, we create “stuff”.

In poetry, we need to cast spells to our readers; to face him, to disturb or to bring forward. Or sometimes we just want no reaction.

These lines are filled with fashion, style, descriptions of what characters wear.

Or what they’d like to wear.

The 2 sides of the world are not enemies. They are very similar. If deep thoughts exists, it’s because we also inhabit a superficial street called Earth.


For all the guys and boys who like to read and stare; again, open blogs like Michelle Lara Lin’s one: The Stranger.




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