June Cover Girl: Rina Atienza aka @eevil midget. Love, world domination and activism

There are hybrid people in London; modern magicians, casting spells of hopes in a violent world. And that’s the case with Rina Atienza aka @eevilmidget , a crazy phenomenon full of fireballs and ecstatic energy. She’s back from NYC where she was a panelist for the Pilipino American Unity for Progress. She’s our Cover Girl. And Rina’s talking about a new sort of World Domination. Enjoy

You represent a sort of new activism: what’s happened in your life to feel so committed?

I never really thought I could be considered an activist, but you are right, in that there are cultural agendas that I want to push.  I
definitely believe in the importance of sub-cultures (i.e. StreetWars) and the multiple collaborative projects that people co-create (i.e. Spark & Mettle). Changing the world can be achieved by incremental shifts in social behavior, not just by the mechanics of politics and government institutions.

As for being committed to social causes, I think I’ve always been inclined this way, thanks to my beloved and wonderful family-clan in Manila. Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate (and fortunate) events shaped how I am. The biggest shift of course, was moving to London when I was fourteen, which was life-changing and the best thing that
has happened to me.

Do you consider yourself as a feminist?

It’s not a label I have previously attached to myself, but yes I do. It’s only a recent realisation, as I had this tomboy identity since
childhood which made me think I couldn’t be a woman’s woman. That’s all changed of course, especially as am happy being a contributing
blogger for 30ish.me because how to be a better woman is an ongoing endeavor. There’s so much to share, learn and improve on. I am lucky to have counsel and conversations with incredible and brave superwomen in my life – both my grandmothers are legends, and I am blessed with an amazing mother, sister, numerous aunts and special girlfriends.

You often promote “World Domination”: are you a local Beyoncé?

I’m all for independent women and girls ruling the world.
Also, it’s handy being named after Queen Elizabeth – with her historically famous “I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king.”
There’s definitely a continued and amplified momentum for women’s issues this year, and not just because of Sheryl Sandberg’s call to ‘Lean In’. There’s this passage from ‘Evil Plans’ by Hugh McLeod:

“World domination is about everybody living in their own little world. The planet is just too damn big for one person to take it all in. So every human being seeks out their own little microcosm, and these are the worlds that we want to dominate.”

World domination plans may not be for everybody, but we are all accountable for each of our own worlds. We must own up to the responsibility for our spheres of influence.

What would you recommend to people who want to achieve their dreams?

I’d advise them to avoid dreambusters.
These are the negatrons that drain enthusiasm.
It’s key that dreamers surround themselves with crazy visionaries or like-minded people who will enhance or further challenge details about their dreams.
It’s good to match ideas of a future with past lessons and present realities – so you need awesome people to bounce or evolve ideas with.
Also, dreams change, and that’s alright.
Finally, I’d recommend keeping a notebook with scribbled thoughts, several drafts of a 5 year plan, and some doodles or drawings.

What can we wish you?

In terms of material goods, that someone might gift me this 3rd Rock Fire Pit http://uncrate.com/stuff/third-rock-fire-pit/ or a wonderful Bruce Nauman neon artwork.

As a social experiment on superdickery, drinks and conversation with Henry Cavill the actor.

For personal achievements, the opportunities to do more social good, either through talks, or maybe becoming mayor one day.

But really, continued health, happy reunions with family and friends, and love of course.

Dress: Chanel
Sweatshirt: Camden shop (it actually belongs to @lilzeon !)
Other accessories: London mood

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