Courrèges Music x Agoria: the new mixtape is on air

Last year, Courrèges Music was appointing the electro producer Agoria as their artistic director, a collaboration supervised by BETC Music. And as you can imagine, we love Agoria, and not only because he’s from Lyon. We attended some of his performances during Nuits Sonores, and it has always banged. The new mix tape is on air on iTunes. And there are our friends from Marie Madeleine !

Courrèges, founded in 1961, is known and renowned for having turned the codes of haute couture upside down by imposing a new style, forgetting about the normal conventions and introducing the mini-skirt, white and structured lines… Courrèges is also the first fashion house to have introduced music during their fashion shows, allowing people to move and dance freely! Today, the brand is still perpetuating their ambitions of change, by creating new links between different universes. As Frédéric Torloting, the co-president of the fashion house, said: “Music, like an event, is a way to express who you are.”

It’s a great example of how fashion brands try to spread the catwalk experience far beyond fashion weeks to set up an on-going culture with their followers and fashionistas.



1. « Milk Teeth » – Mohini Geisweiller
2. « La Ballade de Jim » – Paradis
3. « Spasmes » – Everydayz
4. « Good Day To Day » – David Lynch
5. « Parade » – Rone
6. « Changed » – Yan Wagner
7. « Swimming Pool » – Marie Madeleine
8. « Overpowered » – Róisín Murphy
9. « Pinnacles » – Four Tet
10. « Heart Beating (Sylvain Chauveau Orchestral Remix) » – Agoria
11. « Mannequin » – When Saints Go Machine
12. « Tout petit la planète » – Plastic Bertrand
13. « Yes I Know » – Daphni

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