Johanna K. : when fashion meets this French exception culturelle

We love when fashion meets arts. We love when fashion bloggers don’t only shoot themselves but when they also try to tell us stories; to teach us wise glimpses of knowledge, with subtle ideas and great curation. We had a crush on a very young woman, Johanna K. But her words and her mind touched us deeply. We bet she’s going to rock the fashion scene in the coming years.

Dear Johanna: when did you start blogging and why?

It all begun with some unused articles that I used to write about collections I liked. I once met  someone who worked at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and he advised me to start a blog. Since the beginning, I always knew I didn’t want to post pictures of my outfits or things like that. What I wanted was to write and share my writings about fashion, in order to rehearse for my future as a fashion journalist. Then little by little I opened my fields of inspiration by posting about more diverse subjects.

“Fashion can change the world”: what do you think about that?

How could one deny this? Remember what impact YSL, Dior, Chanel, Mary Quant in the sixties and so many others had on their times. I think fashion is powerful by several aspects. It has the power to unveil (or trigger) the changes of a whole society, and then it is said that if you “give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world! ”. More seriously, what fashion has of most fascinating and powerful to me is that it manages to unite both art and living, contributing to turn everyday life into something aesthetic. But as beauty and aestheticism are not made to have a point, I don’t think fashion in itself can change the world. It is the inspiration that it generates that triggers some of that strength necessary for who wants to leave its mark on the world’s stage.

You mix diverse sources of inspirations with fashion: architecture, arts, films; how would you define your playground?

I am a book lover, art amateur (I know too little to say I’m a specialist), and aestheticism seeker. The horizon of my sources of inspiration broadens everyday more.

What are your sources of inspirations?

In a few words, I can say that it has no limit. Everything can inspire me. It can be the sound of high heels as well as the scent of a fragrance, a collection, the color of a lipstick, an afternoon with a pink light, the furtive sight of a face, as well as an exhibition, a text, an atmosphere whether real or fictional, a friend, something I read…I can find beauty in everything even when I don’t expect it and that’s what makes life so moving sometimes. My playground is life and the limitless resources of nature or spirit it contains. Both spontaneity and sophistication have their part of seduction.

What are the French blogs that you follow?

I’m often disappointed by fashion blogs, but some are of real quality. I love the universe of Miss Pandora. She manages both to stage herself and to post very clever and instructive writings. Her blog should be an example for some, though I hate nothing more than compulsive similarity. I also love Les Garçons aux foulards, and I’ve followed them for nearly two years now, even if I don’t have the time to read them as often as before. Their articles are unvarnished, and they do not hesitate to criticize the world of fashion although they are part of it. I think this is important in our time when conformism and hypocrisy are so present.
Any recent digital crush?

YES ! I recently discovered this website, The Red List. Anyone in lack of inspiration just has to surf for half an hour and will be totally cured. It is the best rehab ever.

What can we wish you?

Nothing but hard work for the next two years…In September I’m starting a prep class for literature studies in Paris !

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