The Supermen Lovers x Kenza x Margaux Lonneberg for MOMENTS.

An interesting initiative from France has just been released. Remember Starlight in 2001? Well, we were at highschool and this song made us dance a LOT. The Supermen Lovers  are back, with their new hit:Moments. Out July 8th. This time the music video features the fashion popstar Kenza from la Revue de kenza and a bunch of other socialites.
Let’s dance.

Featuring remixes by Louis La Roche, Scuola Furano, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver and TMCN
Release Party JULY 6TH at Wanderlust, Paris.…
Introduced by Kenza (la Revue de kenza) and young designer Margaux Lonneberg, joined by their friend Sarah Makharine, TSL, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, TMCN, Tvfrom86 and Lord Funk will give us some beautiful, warm, sweet Moments.

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