I am an ASOS guy. Manifesto for a new fashion.

I used to get bored with fashion.

Shopping was vain, closets were in pain.

My wallet was full of nightlife tickets. And my denims thus remained the same.

There were shops for dandies, there were shops for hipsters. There were shops for stereotypes of men; there was a new sort of glass ceiling; men were frozen characters. Reading GQ or Esquire.

My mind used to look gay because of a sought sense of aesthetic. If clothes don’t tell what the man is, talking about them bring you another round of cliché.

How sad it was.

And here came ASOS. ASOS with a bunch of new fashion activists; shop owners becoming local heroes; creative guys who refused to buy only Paul Smith when they want to look formal or Asics when they feel casual.

ASOS if an accelerator of cultural mash-ups. Vintage meets modern creations. Rock’n roll stars talk to the hippie designers.

Borders are more blurry than ever between inspirations. And in this pervasive environment, we can hope that more ideas, more talents are to rise.

Brands used to make us think I O U. We’ve decided to think D I Y.

Fashion originality is not at the fringe of society but at the very center. Subcultures facing one another, colliding and sometimes fusing.

Beast and beauty in the same place, on the same pace.

It’s only business after all. But “good business it the best art” somehow.

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