Why Kanye "Yeezus" can conquer Paris with style

While commenters have given a harsh welcome to Kanye West for his first steps into the world of fashion design, we shall agree to disagree. Although we won’t claim that Kanye will revolutionize luxury fashion, we’re pretty sure he’s gunning rightly for the title of most influent artist in the world. As exemplified yesterday in Paris, French iconic designers have no more grasp on world trends. After successful stints alongside Madonna and Lady Gaga, Jean-Paul Gaultier has given light and patronage to a blingy and brain-dead real-TV starlet: Nabilla Benattia.

This late one has famously confessed being admirative of top-level TV star (and Kanye’s girl) Kim Kardashian.

The trouble is: Kanye may well be dating a TV star, he’s just got on to set the record straight with his latest album Yeezus. Creatively speaking, the man has grown into standards of both entertainment (Runaway / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) and experimentation (Yeezus). Thus he’s been proving that art is both a subject for radicality and compromise.

Whereas Jean-Paul Gaultier has just been shooting at people in the light of media for attention, while not proving much on the creative grounds. There’s finally another symptom of Paris and French creativity rigidified in the old patrimonial comfort of history. Paris Fashion Week seems to have trouble dealing with the present and with the tough competition on the international fields of creativity. As trade talks between the US and Europe are heating up, good old France is trying to protect something quite obsolete, while american artists are inventing the future of culture.

Nabilla Benattia at Jean Paul Gaultier Couture FW13 Show
Nabilla Benattia at Jean Paul Gaultier Couture FW13 Show
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