The Feet Project (RE-UP): the teaser

It’s a project we’re pretty happy to present today as we’re producing it: the Feet Project.

The question can seem absurd: do you ever think about your feet?

A lot of people have never considered it. And it’s amazing to a certain extent as we all walk, wear shoes, swim; and at the opposite, if you don’t have feet, your life is totally changed.

We’ve been interviewing passer-by, shoe designers, fashionistas, experts, reflexologists. And we’ll release the full documentary in September.

The Feet Project teaser from RE-UP on Vimeo.

As it’s a creative research project exploring what feet mean to people, we need you. If you have something to say, if you want to share your feet, well…do it on our Tumblr. A lot of bloggers or anonymous already played the game. Join us.( ) by RE-UP ( )



A film directed by Flavie Trichet Lespagnol ( ) and Marion May ( )

Music: DAYS by Exsonvaldes ( )

Creative Director:
Chris Aldhous

Creative strategy:
Laurent Francois

Project direction:
Tristan Nicolas
Pierre Humeau

Content strategy:
Elisabetta Giusta
Karishma Puri

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