Wearing caps: yay or nay?

This is a controversial topic, especially in London: is it OK to wear baseball caps if you want to look stylish with your friends?

I’m going to be honest: for ages, I thought that the guys who could wear caps were part of very few crews.

– gangsta rappers: I still don’t get the point to keep the stickers saying it’s an original cap. I mean come on, you’re no longer sharing cards in kindergarten with your friends

– your dad when he takes care of the barbecue, most of the time in Texas or Nevada

– the no-style men, who wear caps…for no special reason

I was wrong. Caps are now one of the most interesting accessories for men, like ties and belts. It’s just that we don’t have any good education about it that we’re afraid of wearing them.

Let’s take one example: Patrice (the afro-German superstar) wears caps and hats regularly. It gives a structure to the overall outfit; it’s a fashion statement that tells a lot about one individual.

It’s not a come-back of the nineties, as many magazines wrote last year. It’s far more subtle, and the reasons why caps are now on the edge of fashion are very new:

– workspace has changed a lot; London or NYC are the new paradises for the tech or arty businesses. With this fundamental shift (remember that agencies are now buying spare desks in the City!), men can now wear whatever they want. The suit is still key for special events or in particular corporate cultures, but we now need more imagination. Flat caps are too related to certain laborers’ imagery, while hats can be considered as too sophisticated. Caps are a more discrete twist of personality that you can expose without being considered as “you know THIS fashion guy”

– you know have decent collections for caps: New York Yankees were for a while the only option if you wanted to get rid of Nike, Reebok logos. But now, a lot of indie brands have interesting caps, like Religion.

Religion hat brick lane 2

– you can wear caps with a lot of outfits; a bit like a clock, your cap can be a daily companion


So guys: go for caps. They should be not too big nor small. They should have this strange balance between statement and discretion.

Let’s see if in the coming years, you’ll be allowed to wear them in formal clubs. After all, we got rid of too formal shoes, why not free our heads?


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