A PEACE TREATY scarves collection FW 13

When ethics is an opportunity to bring back to life amazing motifs from foreign places, it makes us dream. The guys of “A PEACE TREATY” embraces our dreamlands with this new scarves collection. Magics.

A PEACE TREATY is an evolving collection aimed at creating ethically-produced, artisan-level accessories and apparel for the luxury fashion marketplace.
A PEACE TREATY’s F/W 2013 collection emerges from the mysteriously sacred American Southwest. Shaped by a confluence of peoples, this land has both endured tension and inspired vision. In our quest to pay homage to the heritage and to the handmade artifacts from these intertwining cultures, APT delves deep into the essence of this romanticized tenet of Americana. Symbols of life such as the sun and squash flower are juxtaposed with those of
finality like arrows and spears, while repeating patterns and spirals emphasize this mystical cycle. Colored by the glowing tones of the desert at dawn, HÓZHÓ speaks to the brave Southwestern spirit, at once steadfast and ephemeral.
HÓZHÓ’s luxurious cashmere and wool scarves lure the desert rambler to stay warm by the fire. Delicate fibers are adorned with stripes, folk symbols, and ceremonial patterns. Scarves are inspired by bandanas and patchwork quilts and feature teepees and arrowheads – converging separate relics of both traditions into one unifying design. Radial patterns reference the intricate art form of sandpainting, an ancient spiritual healing ceremony. All pieces are hand-woven and hand-printed by artisan co-ops in Kathmandu and Jaipur. This collection brings together influences from both the roaming cowboy and Native, echoing the APT ethos and marking HÓZHÓ as a collection of shared heritage”.

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