France has a new Marianne figure on stamps, and it's a Femen

It’s a massive news in France and potentially worldwide: Francois Hollande, French president, has just revealed the new figure of Marianne, which will be present in every stamp in France in the coming weeks.

David Kawena and Olivier Ciappa, who designed the stamps, did something bossy: they declared that Inna Shevchenko, one of the founders of Femen, is one of the main sources of inspirations.

It’s very brave because there’s still a huge debate in France around the wedding for all (so called gay-marriage around here) and that a lot of people tried to intimidate the progressive French. It’s also brave because when you vote for a President, this guy often forgets his commitments. Saying that the new Marianne supports this strong political move is not only a sign: it’s the proof that you must be proud of decisions that won’t be consensual in the short term but which will matter in the coming years.

Well done.timbres marianne femen







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