A summer trip in British countryside with John Lewis

Summer is now epic in Great Britain. Rooftops are crowded, local pubs offer us some nice ales. Some lucky guys are on holidays in beautiful places.

But hey: Great Britain is full of discoveries and interesting places. Let’s think about Bristol and its magical trip hop scene. Let’s think about York and its area. Oh and let’s not forget all the beautiful festivals; we were attending the Lambeth Country Show last week-end: you could touch owls, vote for the best sculpture made of veggies while a sound-system was making people dance. I tell you: summer around here is pretty good.

So when John Lewis asked us for a summer shopping list, we were pretty excited: John Lewis is one of these rare places in which, as a French, I feel surrounded by interesting objects, food, products. It’s where I go for Christmas (and my family is always jealous AND happy to get original gifts…) but it’s always where you can get some proper style for a nice British summer.

As our beloved journalists from Stylist this week, we’re also going to disconnect for a while: it’s time to get your Barbour and explore unexpected sights on the sea shores.

We will first opt for this Barbour Leather Travel Explorer Holdall. Made of luxurious leather, with a tartan lining for added country style, it’s perfect to travel to your B&B without having to get bored with too heavy bags

I’m not the sort of guy who likes to feel wet in his shoes, after some heavy showers during a festival. So if you want to keep your pace in the pogo and still feel classy when you order, well, many pints in plastic glasses for your fellas, you need proper boots. I’ve chosen the Timberland Earthkeepers Rugged 6-Inch Waterproof Plain Toe Boots. Good news: they have waterproof sealed seams!!!

I’m a hoodie guy, specially during week-ends. And when you’re traveling, your most precious asset is your debit cards, your 3-day beard and your attitude. My hoodie is the sort of protection against feeling old too early. You can stretch it, you can sleep in it for a while, you can lend if to your beautiful girlfriends (hehe), so you need to get the right one. This Diesel Scentyn Mohawk Print Hoodie , Blue Marl, is perfect for me.

So fellows: it’s now time to tell you to have a good day (or a good night if you’re living in Asia). Spread the love!


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