Colorful and Black Swan occasion dresses with Hobbs

Great Britain is full of traditions, and specially traditions of irreverence. Hobbs got it well with their current occasion dresses collection; as Vogue describes in their last Catwalk Edit, Autumn Winter trends will be twice: on one side, “grace and femininity” with pink, ladylike silhouettes, something pretty protective and wise. But on the other side, darker patterns, the revival of black and grey, will bring another Black Swan full of grunge reinvention in the streets. As you can bet, it’s the sort of fashion we adore.
August is coming, which is always a good reason to progressively get rid of bikinis and start gathering nice pieces for September.
We specially like the Invitation Ross Dress, with a sensual V at the back. Something pretty sexy for a late summer dinner or a West End clubbing night.

What if you like floral motifs, but are not ready for moody blooms? Well, maybe you can try this psychedelic but sensitive dress to see if you fit with ecstatic graphics.

Whatever your decision, there are certain considerations you have to make when choosing dresses. Far from just grabbing something with a pretty pattern and delicate fabric you need to consider how it will look on you (not the model) and whether it’s the best choice. There’s plenty of advice on how to choose the right dress for your body but options such as those mentioned above are always a good place to start!

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