Michelle Williams x Louis Vuitton: behind the scenes of a major brand revamping

It might sound like a random release of another actress being endorsed by a brand, but in the case of Michelle Williams and Louis Vuitton, it’s probably a bit deeper than that.

Michelle Williams was selected by Louis Vuitton for her independent spirit with which she has forged her path through Hollywood defined by her outstanding talent, her passion for her craft, and her choice of daring and challenging roles,”

Maybe. But as the French iconic brand is now engaging a major revamping, this release is actually a very good sign.

Louis Vuitton is back in business in the sense that Michelle Williams’ has never accepted any fashion endorsement, except for Band of Outsiders for spring/summer 2012. Louis Vuitton gets what other brands can’t achieve.

The next move will be to create contents or partnerships that are truly unique to other luxury brands. A bit like Sprouse, now ages ago.

But hey: even if we’re sometimes pretty harsh with LV, we bet they’re going to make it.

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