Meet Lionel Guirard aka The Trendy Trooper

Lionel Guirard is a young blogger who launched The Trendy Trooper in 2011, with the desire to talk about fashion with a hint of humor and clumsiness.
On his blog, he spends most of his time trying to figure out what’s going through designers’ mind. Why so serious?

Lionel started to interview fashion influencers on Hit Bag few weeks ago. We wanted to know more about our power contributor…
His most marked characteristic?
Always seeking for the truth
The quality he most likes in a man?
The quality he most likes in a woman?
What does he most value in his friends?
What is his principle defect?
Fear of consequences
What is his favorite occupation?
Discovering new ways to humiliate himself in public places
What is his dream of happiness?
Building a room full of pillows
What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?
Losing your beloved one. Classic, yet devastating.
What would he like to be?
In what country would he like to live?
Canada. It’s like the U.S.A but with unicorns, right?
What is his favorite color?
Royal blue
What is his favorite flower?
Margaritas (…)
What is his favorite bird?
Ostriches… Just look at them.
Who are his favorite prose writers?
* Googling “famous classic prose writers” *
Who are his favorite poets?
Inloved ones
Who is his favorite hero of fiction?
Jon Snow, Link (he rocks his green outfit) and Batman
Who are his favorite heroines of fiction?
BabyDoll, Samantha Jones and Rikku from the Final Fantasy videogames
Who are his favorite composers?
Yiruma, Ellie Goulding and Adam Young
Who are his favorite painters?
Gustav Klimt
Who are his heroes in real life?
People who gave me a chance
Who are his favorite heroines of history?
Pocahontas and Anne Frank
What are his favorite names?
Aria and Basile
What is it his most dislike?
Sneaky, hairy, little crawling things
What historical figures do he most despise?
Honey Boo Boo
What event in military history does he most admire?
The Marathon battle
What reform does he most admire?
Marriage equality
What natural gift would he most like to possess?
How would he like to die?
Whispering “I hid a million in…gaaaaaah”
What is his present state of mind?
Ready to start again
To what faults does he feel most indulgent?
The ones people struggle with
What is his motto?
Just smile and wave…smile and wave

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