Chela / Romanticise. 80s meet Facebook party.

There’s a lot of crap R&B, groovy songs these days. So when a girl you could meet out of a laundrette gives good vibes for the end of summer, you just want to say thank you.

CHELA’s first EP “Romanticise” is coming… Out digitally on August 26th on Kitsuné! The Aussie Chela is already known for amazing collaborations like on Goldroom’s summer anthem “Fifteen” and more recently Clubfeet’s newest single “Heartbreak“.

Disco, good old synthetic beats, a melancholia matching a dancing fever.

Along with the original tracks, remixes by Gold Fields, Collarbones, Boys Get Hurt, Le Bruce and Fascinator remix.


Pre-order “Romanticise” now on iTunes :

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