Miley Cyrus: you need a new marketing team

Let’s face it: Miley Cyrus is desperately looking for a way to kill her Disney background.

It all started with a new hairstyle, some references to Molly (the drugs) and a very explicit performance last night at MTV VMA of “We can’t stop” with Robin Thicke. And as usual, the woman is expected to explain her behaviors whereas it seems normal that a guy like Robin Thicke accepts to be teased on stage. Anyway.

Let’s face it Miley: your marketing needs to be revamped, ASAP. Because you’re a potentially cool girl with cool projects, but you’re being considered as a baby doll by grown-ups.

Britney did it before

Oh, mixing or melting words in lyrics, to face America with a prude / modest moral when it comes to…sex? Britney did it a lot when she was even younger than Miley. Is Britney an interesting career path for Miley? Yes for money, not for arts. Now pick and chose.

Your dirtiness is so common

Oh you want to play with vice and sexiness? You’d better reconsider the difference between porn culture which is closer to an oncology department and erotic suggestions. Yesterday, I’ve watched a young girl trying to turn on some stereotypes of modern crooners. Let’s be honest: J.Lo knows her stuff when Pitbull got…a boner. It wasn’t even crude: it was funny. Yesterday you did not chock because you were indie or underground: you chocked because you were another image of this daily porn culture. I don’t buy it.

Mind the big boys

Oh, you’re now friend with Marc Jacobs? Mind you. Karl Lagerfeld is now friends with Zahia and a lot of fashion designers corrupt real TV starlets. Who’s manipulated?

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