GAP: Back to Blue moments. Finally. #backtoblue

Fashion sometimes over-complicates what it’s all about. And totally forget meanings for consumers. Most of the work that is done these days seem to be created for journalists, not for real people.

GAP went back to basics. Reinforcing its denim department (finally). And asked Dree Hemingway and HBO’s “GIRLS”actor Adam Driver +several fashion influencers (MTV’s Tanisha Long etc.) to create 250 pieces of content which will be revealed on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr over the next three months.

That’s interesting because it’s certainly not going to generate billions of views but it’s going to shape what GAP is really about. A casual, nice, inclusive and somehow street brand, part of a lot of daily lives. Compared to a lot of brands which try to sell us some fake illusions, it aims to bring some optimism, individualism and democracy back on track.

Back to Blue Image 4-thumb-466x700-114261

Back to Blue moments.

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