Monsieur London, live from their pop up store at Boxpark London

Monsieur London is an amazing story between two young French men, Thibault and Valentin. They curate handmade and high quality clothes, bags or accessories from all over the world. For instance, they fell in love with Restrepo district in Bogota. There, the cowhides are tanned using either a vegetable or mineral technique depending on the quality desired, then delivered to the workshop of Monsieur London supplier. 90 hours of work are required for a bag depending on the complexity of the pattern.

Engraved cufflinks with their iconic rabbit are definitely appealing. We dive into Monsieur London universe, a bit like we open a travel book: each piece has its own narrative, detail. Compared to a lot of pop up stores where menswear seems to have a clinical touch, Monsieur London offers warm stories. Monsieur London is both an education (the products are very premium but not that expensive) and a journey. Run to their pop up store (box n°8) at Boxpark London NOW.


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