ALLSAINTS’ Spring 2014: when a collection statement transforms fashion as a personal empowerment

You know how much we love ALLSAINTS collections and art direction. Not only because I personally live 2 minutes from their flagship store close to Spitalfields market, but because this brand got what telling a fashion story is about: sense, good quality and inclusive.


The collection sees a shift towards the creation of an integrated metropolitan uniform, without uniformity.
Confident and contemporary, the collection combines disparate elements to highlight the diversity of the AllSaints women’s and men’s wardrobe.
Distinct but interchangeable pieces come together as a catalyst for the individual’s sense of style, independence and attitude.
Through the introduction of more controlled volumes and precise morphologies, the collection reevaluates wardrobe icons such as biker jackets with subtly and precision, whilst provoking a deliberate tension by presenting these definitive examples alongside contemporary subversions of the same cultural archetypes.

What’s amazing is that each of these words is fact-proven. For instance, AllSaints launched Flora Mortis, a multimedia project and theme for the brand’s Spring 2014 womenswear collection. Presented during New York Fashion Week, Flora Mortis captures in real-time the ephemeral beauty of flowers and their process of decay, using live installation, drawing, painting, photography and film. The project began in summer when AllSaints Film division created a 6ft-wide floral installation and filmed its blossoming and subsequent decay over a 15-day period. Explains Wil Beedle, Creative Director of AllSaints: “By reversing the footage of this filmed memento mori we effectively reversed the process of decay, thus demonstrating regeneration and rebirth – things we associate strongly with the current confidence and momentum of AllSaints as a brand.”

The resulting imagery has been incorporated into printed silks in the Spring 2014 womenswear collection.
Just magics.
ALLSAINTS’ SPRING 2014 menswear

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