Chapman Brothers for Louis Vuitton: the Garden in Hell as new playground

We know that Louis Vuitton is really struggling to reload its dream machine. After some years of wandering, there are many signals that demonstrate that the French iconic brand is back in business, trying to explore new amazing fields.


Kim Jones, men’s style director of Louis Vuitton, who’s in charge only since 2011, recently declared that at the end, Louis Vuitton is a travel company. Behind this simple affirmation, billions of interesting ideas can rise.

chapman brothers vuitton

For the new winter collection, Kim Jones decided to create the first Vuitton menswear collaboration with contemporary art. Jake and Dinos Chapman.

The controversial duet is a pretty cool cast for Louis Vuitton: anti-system, no-limit, ready to talk about Nazism and grotesque. They’re highly anti Enlightenment artists and bourgeoisie and their work can be summarized like this by Johann Hari: it is when reason is wide awake that it produces monsters

This post modernist embracing by Louis Vuitton reminds us Sprouse collection. This time, The Garden in Hell is Louis Vuitton playground. Let’s see if fairies and knights are going to help its passengers.


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