Italian Fashion in Focus: Trends for Fall 2013

Creativity must be running in the genes of Italians, for Italy is the home of iconic fashion designers. Authorities in fashion such as Roberto Cavalli and Gianni Versace all hail from this European country. When fashion enthusiasts flock to Milan for the annual Fashion Week events featured there, brands such as Fendi and Gucci never disappoint. Beauty and innovation combined is showcased in every collection that ever graced the runways of Milan, and it’s safe to assume that it’s the forerunner in worldwide fashion trends because of its sterling reputation.

As summer gives way to autumn we are again panicked with the wardrobe transformations that shall take place alongside with the changing seasons. Out with the Nina Ricci summer frocks, and in with Marks and Spencer outerwear paired with the latest Salvatore Ferragamo suede platform ankle boots. If you’re looking for inspirations on the looks you can pull off this fall, here are the newest trends from famous Italian designers:

Dolce & Gabbana

  • Three-piece skirt suit reminiscent of vintage 1940s fashion, in sombre greys and charcoal
  • Intricate embroidery and beadwork involving crystals and hand sewn sequins in Hispanic-inspired patterns
  • Lace as a dress overlay in red, black, and white
  • Accessories: metallic designs for handbags, crocodile-skin purses, sequined-embroidered clutch


  • Belted gingham dress matched with chunky sandals
  • Coat dress with full flowing skirt in earth tones worn with pumps
  • Oversized fur cuffs on A-line coats or cropped wool jackets
  • Evening wear: black beaded frock with a skirt that hangs lower on one side


  • Haute couture: Art Deco-inspired gown with hints of feathers and fur
  • Light blazer over A-line skirt matched with ankle-strap pumps in dark colour
  • Dominant colours: hues of blue, black, and grey
  • Embellishments: belt buckles adorned with pearls, black feathers on collars, and furry sleeves on jackets
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