"Fashion can change the world because fashion can change us" Cristiane Santos, fashion blogger from Brazil

Brazil. Out of the stereotypes that come to mind, a growing fashion scene is taking the lead. Popular blogs attract more visitors than the big American blog-busters.

We had a chance to ask few questions to Cristiane Santos, from “Il Piccolo Mondo di Cri“. An amazing conversation around self-esteem, style and what’s going on there.

When did you start blogging and why?

Do you know those people who say that fashion comes down to futility? I was one of them! My first trip to Italy, in 2010, was a watershed in my life indeed. There, I realized how the fashion isn’t only present in the clothes, I realized that fashion is not futile. And then I could admit to myself that I was always in love with fashion. When I returned, I decided to create my blog (with an Italian name). And on August 15th of this year, I’ve celebrated three years of blogging!

How would you define Brazilian fashion style?

This is THE QUESTION even to the Brazilians! It’s difficult to define the fashion style of a country that was formed by Indians, Africans and Europeans, and today is influenced by many other cultures. It’s even more difficult when it comes to the territorial size of Brazil, with each region having its own specificities. We’re still trying to find our national identity, but I can say that it isn’t just about tropical icons, handicraft, prints of exotic birds and colorful clothes.


What are the Brazilian designers we must follow?

Jum Nakao, Alzira VieiraTufi Duek, Maria Filó, Sacada, Naya Violeta, Patricia Bonaldi

Law, sustainability, activism: your blog is very committed to change the rules: do you think that fashion can change the world?

Absolutely. Fashion can change the world because fashion can change us, one by one. We are the result of the interaction with the social environment and fashion is just a way, very effective, to interact. Through it we can reach various other sectors: literature, music, art, behavior, politics and so on. Moreover, we must not forget that fashion improves our mood, our self esteem. If a person in a good spirit can indeed make a difference, several persons in a good spirit can do a revolution.

Which blogs do you follow?

My list is growing, but lately I have read: The New York Times Style Magazine; Italian Vogue; Common Era (amazing black and white photography); Rio Etc (I recommend if you want to know a little about the life style in Rio de Janeiro); Get Some Vintage-a-Peel (one of my favorite sources for vintage magazines); Purely Couture and More (just wow); and Fantasy of Miss Strangename (for unexpected mix and match outfits).

What can we wish you?

Well, I’m excited about some projects that are emerging to me, among them is blogging with Fashion Global, where we can find a cool group of people from different places around the globe thinking in fashion. Writing about the fashion history, the vintage/retro fashion, the thoughtful questions related to fashion is what I’m loving to do. Then, you can wish me luck to be the next Suzy Menkes/Hamish Bowles! 😉


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