Collaboration with Bershka and FAGUO shoes: back to school with ethics and education my friends!

Fashion is changing. London Fashion Week and #NYFW demonstrated – again – the rising importance of highstreet and e-commerce brands.
A sort of back to basics: what should I wear? What’s the impact of my consumption? How to mix ideas and clothes?
Highstreet brands (we consider ASOS as a virtual highstreet brand at the end…) influence big names: we see a sort of democratization of fashion, which meets a sort of fuss for ethics.

The new “Made in Italy” collection by Bershka is pretty surprising: shapes are tailor-made. Quality is here. The brand teaches us why we should love certain types of designs. In the meantime, we’ve met FAGUO. And we caught their insights on this new fashion…

Faguo has just released a new capsule collection with agnès b. and in the meantime you’ve been selected by Unibail-Rodamco for their Grand Prix: does ethical fashion become the new normal?
I think that before talking about ethics, big brands like agnès b. or Unibail are looking for dynamics. These vibes come when they partner with young brands, which generate some buzz. It’s a way for brands like us to uplift thanks to their maturity and their experience. Ethics probably influences them, but it’s more a standard that we apply to our ourselves.
How can we teach consumers to buy “better”?
Through a certain soft power. We’re not Green ayatollahs. We’re just trying to rise awareness for our consumer. When he buys some FAGUO shoes, he plants a tree (he can get more information on our digital map), and he knows our carbon footprint.
This emergency for a more responsible world, is it something that is really shared worldwide?
Responsibility is a key word for our generation. It’s global, even if we don’t use the same triggers. We’ve written this goal in our brand DNA. Every morning we ask ourselves: how to change and how to make the world a better place?


Parka Bershka

Jacket Bershka

Shoes Faguo

T-shirt vintage

Denim (flee market)

Photos by Thien Nguyen.


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