LNGP: Britishness in fashion and beats

LNGP menswear collection exclusively created for Music Producer Gold Panda is released today. Gold Panda is this sort of hybrid electro-tainer who’s able to make you dance after few drinks in a random club…and to obsess your nights with his minimal beats that meet a sort of progressive repetitive loop. A great music story builder…

​The collaboration represents a very interesting approach to the “made by British”. A mix of very qualitative materials which meets sustainability and British talents. We wanted to know more about this fashion gang: Lux and Noah.

How come a man suddenly starts thinking about his own style?

LNGP: I don’t think style is something that is abruptly considered, I think it’s something organic that grows and develops from knowledge and experience. It renews, with time, with age, relationships, locations, everything.
Though I think a man’s style is definitely a coming of age, an outward statement of an inward reflection. He’s saying ‘hey look at me, this is who I am’. Girls are much more prone to accepting several styles to suit their moods. Once established, a man’s seems to be more permanent.

Organic cotton jersey hooded raglan bomber with contrast sleeves sourced from an upcycled synthetic woven Jacket

What are your criteria when you pick an interesting talent?

LNGP: I guess the filter for defining something that is likeable to you is mutual respect for design and innovation. We often gravitate towards clean lines, interesting silhouettes, and interplay between tones and textures; all of which we try to feature in our own work.

Do you think that Burberry’s universe is relevant to explaining British fashion identity?

For sure, it is crucial in representing quintessential Britishness, it’s something we can be proud of and other countries can appreciate. Though it serves the fundamentals of British style, it does not illustrate what’s happening at different levels in the industry. There are so many new brands emerging which represent a much more up to date version of British identity, from a variety of social tribes and stories and perspectives. It could be argued that these are possibly more relevant to understanding Britishness now.

what can we hope for you in the coming months?

We will beginning research on our next mainline collection which will be out in May 2014. It will be a much greater scale with a lot of experimental leather pieces. We will continue our use of sustainable british fabrics. We will accept and manage small scale projects throughout the next year with musicians/bands.

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