Alexander & James: luxury spirits and brands with a sense of learning

Luxury and good manners need to be taught and learned. It’s not an easy job nor a one shot: it takes time to dive into the subtleties of what is great. It’s even more true for drinks and spirits.

As epicureans, we boulevardiers are always craving for relevant places to satisfy our thirsty culture. It’s obvious: our fashion blog has a cocktail’s name!

Alexander & James, a new online destination for luxury spirits and accessories, has an interesting positioning between an e-commerce site and a place where you get information, inspirations and explanations. Products are sorted by characters, flavours, aroma and of course regions. It’s nice because once you know which type of sensation you’re looking for, you can easily find what suits you. You can then get more information through the “in the know” section. We’ve tested the Ketel One Citroen and we’ve learned that the ‘citroen’ flavour comes from four types of lemon and two types of lime chosen for their combination of sweet, full, intense and fresh characters.

ketel one citroen

Fruit is taken to the French town of Grasse for refining and blending with Ketel One vodka. This ‘marries’ at the Nolet distillery in Schiedam, Holland. Finally,a member of the founding Nolet family personally tastes and approves the final production run.

You can also get suggestions of cocktails, and related products.

Well done Alexander & James!




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