The end of gender in fashion? JW Anderson, Levi's, TOPMAN…

This is no longer a weak trend: men and women’s wardrobes tend to merge. It’s no longer about being boyish or androgynous: it’s about reinventing the whole approach to style.


oh crepe H&M T-shirt, picked from women stage…

Once upon a time, our male revenge against boyfriend jeans

In 2011, Levi’s launched a collection called “Ex Girlfriend Jeans“. What seemed to be a funny fashion trick seems to become a sort of norm. Super skinny jeans are no longer made for hipsters or punk. Yesterday, we’ve talked about TOPMAN and their very own “Spray On Denim“; they communicate on the fact that you can wear the range of denims at the office…not in Brick Lane.

TOPMAN, Spray on Denim

Imagining a shared wardrobe, not just copying women

But the real next step can be summarized thanks to LVMH new protege, Jonathan Anderson (J.W Anderson) as his main motto is to suggest this shared wardrobe

‘’I like idea of a shared wardrobe when garments don’t really have a sex. It’s about what a garment means to a person”Jonathan Anderson

The designer opens a brand new world, which aims to rethink the way we consider bodies. A perfect match with structural elements:

– urban apartments tend to be smaller and smaller, at least for young people: promiscuity of inhabitants lead to a fusion between what is male and female

– we’re tired of sexy as it used to be in the 80s (we won’t talk again about Miley Cyrus or Carine Roitfeld…but you get the point!); as porn culture is now mainstream, we want to reinvent femininity and masculinity. Hiding genders in unisex or shared clothes is a way to focus on attitudes and ideas instead of flesh.

An exciting time for the new human beings…


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