When Jersey meets Denim: Jogg jeans by Diesel

I don’t know you but when it comes to denim, I’m sometimes frustrated not be able to move more. Jeans tend to be pretty solid, pretty rough; so when you practice skateboarding or street dancing, you must wait for ages before it becomes soft enough. In the meantime, I’m not really in favor of wearing sweatpants: in most of the places in Europe, if you wear them out of your fitness center, people are going to judge you. So Diesel had this very smart idea: how about fusing the iconic style and durability of denim with the relaxed attitude and comfort of sweatpants?

As the brand told us: “It uses the same weaving method used to make denim, but with a special patented technique makes it look like denim on the outside and like jersey sweatpant fabric on the inside. It combines the softness, lightness, comfort, look and feel of knitted jersey, but with the advantages of being a woven denim fabric. This means that it retains its shape better, and can be given stronger treatments and washes. It can even be broken, which can’t be done with knitted fabrics”.

It seriously works.

It’s utterly interesting that Diesel dives into this new urban sports trend, bringing a new niche to this market. We see clubs of running popping here and there in megalopolis, new extreme sports in town…it was time to bring new types of clothes to a more general lifestyle.

I would also guess that it’s a bet on the consecration of hip-hop as a cross-cultural identity. It’s no longer the cliché of American suburbs: hip hop has an impact on every population on Earth; it was time to democratize it through a new fashion approach. That’s the sense of the videos, starring a stellar crew of dancers on the beats led by Azelia Blanks with a special edit of “ATM Jam” for this video. Nicola Formichetti is little by little winning his revolution.

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