QHUIT AW 2013: Resistance

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QHUIT is another example of fashion brand which dive in the revolutions to get its inspirations. The shooting is quiet interesting, and reminds us a bit of Commune de Paris 1871.

“The range Grand Crue is not a remainder seeing that the strong pieces have new decorative details to rely on. Flanel, corduroy and denim have been fashioned by Qhuit™ to resist the winter attacks. Classic chinos from camp caps, the collection AW 2013 is thought of as a masculin silhouette with a tasty traditionalism, a value which Qhuit keeps on clinging on to.

With this new collection Qhuit™ stays true to itself, continuing to put forward a rustic and solid wardrobe for aware urban fellows”


Laurent “Lilzeon” François is a fashion blogger & photographer. He runs a creative agency in London (RE-UP) which shapes digital stories for brands. He writes with Vu Quan Nguyen for L'Express Styles in France (Le Boulevardier).

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