Christopher Bailey to be appointed Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Burberry by mid 2014

This is a massive news coming from Burberry: Angela Ahrendts steps down to join Apple to head their retail efforts while Christopher Bailey will become by mid 2014 Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer.

It’s a breakthrough when we think few minutes about the recent story of the British brand: Ahrendts is the real business genius who sat down one day with Salesforce CEO and wrote the whole strategy on a napkin…While Bailey achieved to implement a creative framework in every corner of the organization.

It’s one thing to be the creative godfather; it’s another story to fight against financial departments. One example: Asia is a financial myth which could also reduce the luxury assets of the brand. Diverse studies demonstrate that Burberry is slowing down in terms of innovation right there: how will Bailey manage this crazy unbalance between going luxury and going worldwide. Let’s see!

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