On the road: Caroline Back de Surany with Coach

Caroline Back du Surany aka Caroline Daily runs a blog which is thought as an artistic experiment, a digital playground between luxury and fashion…The French slasher (art director, photographer…) has just revealed yesterday an interesting exhibition in partnership with Coach. We travel with her all over the United States. You can see her work at Printemps Haussman in Paris.

Un train à Amarillo, Texas © Caroline Back de Surany

How did the collaboration start with Coach ?

I travel a lot for luxury brands; I’ve done a road trip in India on a motorcycle for Ruby; I bring Louboutin everywhere I go and take snapshots of them for social networks (Rio, L.A., Grand Canyon, Prague, Delhi…). So when DM Media press office asked me if I wanted to go on the road again with a cabriolet to feed Coach pinterest, it was a pretty obvious synergy.

You’re one of the first pioneers of fashion blogging in the world; the big players of blogging have all developed a professional activity around their blog; some of them became editors in chief, artists…how do you imagine the future of blogging?

I actually started in print magazines; now I develop an Art Direction activity: it feeds my blog too. Even if blogs tend to become more and more professional, it’s good to keep another activity. It helps me in finding original and qualitative contents.

You work a lot for luxury brands; but they still seem reluctant to work with Social Media phenomenons, as they don’t want to diminish their DNA…How to create exclusivity with social web?

It’s very interesting, everything has to be built, we must imagine new ways to suggest exclusivity, new interpretations of dreams. The very definition of luxury is going to evolve. I feel like there’s a new interest for craftsmanship, traditions. As we’re now in a virtual era, we need to prove that a nice Maison is not only a logo.


What was the climax of your road trip?

When the old and beautiful train on which I put 2 Coach bags started its journey? When shoes which were situated in an amazing sight were slightly pushed by the wind and were about to fall 900 meters down? When cactus retaliated and stung me when I wanted to get my shades back? Still scenes photography in the wild west is actually very dangerous! More seriously, I loved the natural landscapes of New Mexico and Arizona: pure aesthetic breakthroughs.

Did you have a very precise plan, or did you follow the road and the daily discoveries?

I had a very detailed plan: I was going to shoot photos a bit evanescent, a bit blurry, using pastels to get an unexpected rendering…But then I came, I experienced the contrasts, the vivid colors, rough forms and I did like anyone else. Well, if you consider that fixing bags on high panels in the middle of a highway, climbing on a Mustang parked, is “normal”.

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