An interview with Camille Hourdeaux, AD for Pete Sorensen, on real design and real life

PETE SORENSEN is launching its first London private sale on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October 2013 from 3PM to 7PM in their new showroom at 86 Notting Hill Ladbroke Grove, London W11 2HE (to be on the guest list, drop an email to ). Their new hand made collection is a superb rethinking of shoes. We had a chance to interview Camille Hourdeaux, Art Director of Pete Sorensen to know more about this brand…

 Pete Sorensen: what’s in a name?
We chose a Northern name because we love the Scandinavian lifestyle. We like their creating process, the clean lines of their design. We try to remember that when we create our shoes.
pete sorens 2
The baseline is “hand made design for feet”: do you consider that feet are not enough considered by fashion designers?
Except brands which release more than 50 styles each season, I don’t think the shoes are depreciated.
At Pete Sorensen, we have no standard approach, the shoe is considered as a design object. Each model is hand-drawn, each prototype is tested many times, we study the aesthetics and comfort. and only then, we validate the model. We have also a small collection which includes models of the ideal male locker room. Some of our models are sustainable so that the customer can find the model that he likes from one year to another.
How do you start your creative process?
When we are drawing our shoes, we give a special attention to clean lines and perfect curves. Less is more and perfect shape could be a great definition of PETE SORENSEN’s obsessions. We want that each model has its own and strong personality to appear like an obvious one.
Menswear and men’s style tend to be more and more sophisticated: how do you “teach” men about fashion?
Consider clothing and shoes as objects in their own right. We have to learn to use fashion and make sustainable purchases and buy quality things that have a real design and real life. Not things without real work with a limited lifespan. To my mind, men have less effort to provide than women.They are less versatile and they know best what suits them.What can we wish you?As we are opening a private showroom in London Notting Hill, We hope that the English will appreciate our shoes so that our French customers. We love London so much!

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