Men's Style by a Woman: an interview with TrendHimUK

A mysterious and anonymous lady has decided to help us. Yes, we men need some pieces of advice when it comes to style! An interesting concept developed by TrendHimUK that we wanted to discover…Men’s style by a woman…

When did you start blogging and why?

I’ve always wanted to write about men’s fashion because fashion is not all about women. I felt like men are left aside. 🙂 And I also started a blog in order to use it for the brands that I worked for as their social media content strategist instead of looking for a blogger or trying to convince one to write about my customer’s brand. Then it became a blog by itself. My father loves shopping and wearing good things. I have many male friends who are the same as my father. We go shopping and we spend more time in the men’s section than the women’s section. They also take advice from me.

Fashion can change the world…do you agree?

Fashion can change a person’s world but not the whole world. It gives beauty and perspective though…

Menswear through a more feminine point of view… How would you define the differences between women and men’s perception on fashion?

Women are more into fashion and shopping. It’s in our DNA. We all dress up for ourselves first but at the end of the day we also want other people to like our style and look. We want to impress someone. A man can think that something is sexy or cool for him but maybe his significant other doesn’t think the same way. It’s the same for women too. Men and women have different tastes. Yes, people should wear what they like or what they feel comfortable in but what I do is just giving an outsider opinion in mes’s fashion as a woman.

What can we find on your blog?

You can find the last trends on menswear. The likes and dislikes of me as a woman. “Look of the day” posts with brands and shopping advices.

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