Peter Jeun Ho Tsang (coeur): "be experimental with your style "

We met Peter Jeun Ho Tsang during a pop up event in Shoreditch. His deep understanding and curiosity for all things fashion and ethos is very pleasant. We had a chance to catch up to ask him few questions about his fascinating brand (and not only because it’s a French name), coeur.

Hi Peter! You mention that the coeur signature silk is woven at one of England’s finest and oldest fabric mills dating back to the 18th century. How did you spot this factory?

This was the starting point for coeur and how the entire brand developed. It was through a design collaborative project that I was undertaking with a fellow menswear designer that I found this factory in Sudbury, Suffolk which has been around since the 18th century. I instantly fell in love with the craft of silk weaving and it’s just developed from there. We are actually launching a film early next year showcasing the factory and coeur products being hand made in England.

coeur preppy

A lot of rising stars (I think about Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea) wears your pieces: what’s the story you tell them?

I always tell them the ethos of brand. We are currently seeing the menswear grow, as well becoming a lot more diverse. coeur is the lifestyle brand for the modern dandy – the reemergence of the gentleman that really cares about the way he dresses and takes care of himself. This always resonates with the celebrities that wear my clothing … as my designs somewhat show off their flair and flamboyant side. One of the pieces that Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith wore actually featured in a press piece entitled ‘The Power Blazer’ which I thought was really befitting for the coeur style and philosophy.

There’s a pink desert in your last lookbook scenery: where was it shot?

That was shot out in Dubai, that was then dusted with magic to turn the sand pink. Shot by a great photography studio – the results show off coeur’s colorful side.

Menswear is becoming more and more sophisticated; what would you recommend to a man who wants to discover fashion? What should be the very first step?

I would say be experimental with your style and not to be afraid of colour or mixing different textures and garment styles together. For me, it’s about the tiny details and the way a gentleman puts those finishing touches to his outfit such as a pocket square, or the way he grooms his hair – or moustache since it is Movember.

What can we wish you?

If you could grant me a wish, then I would spread the knowledge of gentlemanly dressing to all the men in world.


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