Greek fashion alert with Anna from Spotlights on the Redhead

I’ve worked in Greece when I was younger and I loved the pace, the energy, the people. I’m always sad when I read British or French magazines that they only focus on the negative side of what Greek people are experiencing today. A lot of superb talents are Greek and it should be our duty to highlight them: they are the movement. We had a chance to meet Anna who blogs on fashion. Enjoy.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started 2-3 years ago but since then I have changed 3 blogs! I started with a personal-diary blog type but I ended it because I didn’t feel like it. Next was a fashion blog called The A-Listers (since my name is Anna A-…), started it on the 4th of October 2012 and renamed/redesigned it and re-opened at the 7th of June 2013. I struggled with my blogger’s identity (and still do) but now I feel like Spotlights on the Redhead is more “me”! I always find ways to express myself and sharing the things I like with the world is fantastic! I was too shy and really sucked when it came to fashion so blogging about it was my way of improving myself. If you see my posts chronologically you can see the difference.

Could you define a Greek fashion identity?

Greeks are a bit conservative when it comes to fashion. Even in Athens, the capital, you won’t see a lot of girls wearing something edgy but you will see well combined outfits. You will also see a lot of different styles! People here are just starting to experiment and get interested in fashion and outfits. That is also one of the reason there are not many well known fashion bloggers (that are not actresses or good media connections).

Who are the local designers we should discover?

Local designers you must know…There are a lot that were or are successful abroad as well.
-Old and known:

Makis Tselios
Panos Apergis
Patricia Field
Sotirios Voulgaris (BVLGARI)
Mihalis Aslanis
ok this list has a lot of names but I prefer the new designers
-New and good
Konstantinos Mitrovgenis
LKC by Loukia Kuriakou
Maria Tagalou
Celebrity Skin
You can see some of the collections on my blog’s facebook page as well!

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?

Yes, absolutely. It already has altered the way women see themselves! Fashion has also raised a lot of controversy over weight issues and standards. I also believe that fashion, as in the way we choose to dress, is a great means of expressing individuality and the first step for people to stop judging each other based on appearance.

What can we wish you in the future?

I think the best wish for me blogwise is more active audience. I got into this because I like communicating with others and I really like reading different opinions. But that is probably my fault so I’m working on it! In general I’d like to get my degree soon and start working! That’s all!

For a photo you can take one from my blog:  Just pick your favourite! 🙂

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