Barbara de Robles, Blog the Dreams: "Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, eclectic and modern city but has a touch of Bohemian and classic style"

Barcelona is a vibrant and ever changing fashion capital in Europe. A sense of partying which mashes up with Spanish culture. We had a chance to ask few questions to Barbara de Robles from “Blog The Dreams”.

When did you start blogging and why?

I am a social network lover, but I never dared with the blog. I thought that you had to spend too much time on it. The thing is that in my last job as a Receptionist I spent most of my day with the computer without doing much and lot of free time and I went ahead with the blog.

Could you define the Barcelona fashion identity?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, eclectic and modern city but has a touch of Bohemian and classic style and so I think that it is fashion that emerges from the same city… You can see that on the streets, on the buildings and, of course, in the citizens that live here.

Who are the local designers we should discover?

I could mention some of the local designers I know, such as Krizia Robustella, a young girl designer of a very glam and luxury sportive clothing. Also Brain and Beast, with his funny but sophisticated style and, of course, the famous Guillermina Baeza and his amazing swimsuits and bikinis.

Fashion can change the world: do you agree?

Yes, it’s amazing how luxury brands could be influential for changing the consumption patterns of the mainstream, and how the consumerism moves the world, maybe sometimes, not in its best way…

What can we wish you in the future?

I hope someday i find my way, I mean, my professional way… I studied law, but it is not the future I want to have… I’m a fashion lover, and I would like to focus all my habilities on it. My current economic situation makes impossible to study something with fashion related, so i am working very hard by growing with my own blog and cooperating with brands.

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